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Lavrenty Mganga

- a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

He performs music of various styles and epochs

on bansuri, shakuhachi, shenai and other traditional instruments



Here are some comments by listeners written in 2000, when the Cycloidal Gamelan Piece has been #1 in the minimalist chart for several months:

Russia is a land of many and varied musical traditions. Lavrenty is inventing new traditions.

Bob's Berserko Lounge

He says more with less...

The Artist Presently Known As Ed

Lavrenty is a world class composer...

SpaceForMusic Records

Brief Chronology

1971 born in Voronezh, Russia

1986 finished music school as a piano player

Around 1988 participated in various alternative music projects ("Wild Grasses", "Soulbuilding Society") in Voronezh and Saint-Petersburg.

Since 1992 performs free-jazz based on folk traditions ("2+2", "Music of Asia", "Ensemble RI ").

1994-96 studied at Saint-Petersburg Academy of Theater, Music and Cinematography, master V. Guyvoronsky.

Since 1995 composes original music, makes arrangements, works as a sound engeneer, performes on traditional musical instruments. Collaborates with musicians, producers and publishers in United States, Netherlands, Japan, Great Britain, France.

Since 1999 participates in international online musical projects (Besonic, Vitaminic, In 2000, the Cycloidal Gamelan Piece has been "number one" in the famous's minimalist chart for several months.

2000-03 participated in ethnographic music recording and research expeditions in Belgorod and Voronezh regions of Russia

Since 2001 - member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Since 2001 collaborates with The Pearl Oriental Dance Company as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Since 2003 works as a video-artist and commercial sound-producer


Festival Appearances:

1994 The Open Music Festival, Saint Petersburg

1995, 2000 The ukart Festival, Saint Petersburg

2000 Art-Ark, Saint Petersburg

2000 Art-Ark, Helsinki, Finland

2001 SKIF-4, Saint Petersburg

2002 Festival of the City of Sfax, Tunisia


2004 Lavrenty Mganga

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