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Film "Chakra" symbolically tells the story of creation. This story is in Vedas - ancient Indian sacred manuscripts. These are perhaps the most ancient ones in the world. The word "chakra", in Sanskrit, means "wheel" and is used in such concepts as "wheel of knowledge", "wheel of wisdom", "wheel of life". The symbol of the wheel of life denotes the idea of perpetual evolutionary (spiral) movement of life with return to initial state. The act of creation can be imagined as an act of "setting the wheel in motion" by spiritual power of God. In the film, you can see symbols of four metaphysic elements - air, water, fire and earth - everything have been created from them. Visualisation of ancient manuscript is combined with abhinaya - language of gestures used in Indian classical dance.


Duration - 6:43

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The film tells about travelling of human "self" or "ego" in a human world. A man comes into this world as an innocent, clean being, like God. Gradually, he learns to live in this world, that forces him to form such an individuality that is needed or comfortable for parents, relatives, society. The problem is that such an individuality can be dramatically different from what a man actually is. And the main thing is that it is much more primitive. The process of forming the "false personality" lasts many years, sometimes the whole life. Some people, however, manage to become able to distinguish their true "self" from "molded" and to release that "plasticine man" to "free sailing"... In the film, you see many citations, from Chaplin to Kusturica


Duration - 16:32

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Fractal Fantasy

Fractal is a matematical concept, something like a multidimentional set. Computer technology allows to get very beautiful visualizations of these formulas. Somtimes they resemble strange extraterrestrial worlds, sometimes - fabulous flowers, sometimes - unknown animals. It is charming beaty of fractals that made them so popular among computer artists. However, fractal animation is still an exotic form of art. An aesthetic enjoyment of unusual shapes will become a good reward for the viewer of this film.

Duration - 7:23

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