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Attention: Premiere!

The first performances of The Alive Project with The Russian Programme!

29.06.05, 19:00

Saint-Petersburg, The Hesed Centre, 45 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky prospect, phone 327-58-58

30.06.05, 20:00

Saint-Petersburg, Zoom club, 22 Gorokhovaya st., phone 972-18-05

The Alive Project performs traditional folk songs and tunes, like many others do these days. But why this world music band is so different? The name "Alive" means not only that you hear live acoustic instruments and voices. It symbolizes intention to avoid putting tradition arbitrarily into the context of another styles, ages and geography, alien to it, to avoid its conservation in its distorted form that we have nowadays, but to develop creative ideas embodied in it many centuries ago. If you want to get better understanding of the resulting style, the following keywords may help: polyphony, polyrhythmic patterns, cycle, minimalism. Two project participants are members of the Abaoaqu trio - Nataliya Vysokih (violin) and Roman Stanskov (bouzuki), another two - Alexander Tomashow (percussion) and Lavrenty Mganga (flutes). The fact that the group uses instruments from so different cultures - bouzuki, darboukka, shakuhachi, bansuri etc. - is just another evidence that eclecticism is not a result of blending different timbres and performing schools. It arises from misunderstanding of the inner essence of given musical material. We wish you fresh musical impressions!



Lavrenty Mganga's concerts Summer 2005

08.06.05, 19:00

Saint-Petersburg, The Hesed Centre, 45 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky prospect, phone 327-58-58

25.06.05, 20:00

Moscow, FAQ-cafe, 9-2 Gazetny pereulok, phone 229-08-27

You will enjoy music of different styles and ages, played on various traditional instruments in combination with modern media technologies allowing to make complex musical textures by recording, mixing and processing of cyclic musical parts in realtime - that is, right during the performance.

You will enjoy pieces of video-art exploring eternal questions of existence.

CDs will be available at the concerts.


05.09.04 The broadcast has been postponed because of mourning. Sorry.
04.09.04 06.09.04, Monday, somewhere between 8:00-10:00 am msk. time (big TV show named "Morning in a Big City") on Channel 5 St.Peterburg, Lavrenty Mganga will appear to play one or two pieces and to answer some questions.
12.08.04 (updated on 23.08.04)

25.08.2004, Wednesday, 20:00, at Raskolnikoff eko-art-club (Grazhdanskaya st. 3, Saint-Petersburg, phone: +7-921-361-54-69, e-mail: and

27.08.2004, Friday, 20:00, at Zoom club (Gorokhovaya st. 22, Saint-Petersburg, phone: 972-18-05, e-mail:, icq - 322370478),

Lavrenty Mganga will present his new concert program, made with extensive use of "loopotronics". This technique implies successive layered recording into computer and processing of cyclic musical parts during performance - "on the fly". This technique allows to avoid using of pre-recorded material entirely - everything that you hear, arises here and now, before your eyes. Artist will sell CDs at the concert.

Ticket price - 100 roubles.


2004 Lavrenty Mganga

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